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Friuli Venezia Giulia

Angoris Friulano 2020

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Friuli Venezia Giulia
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Golden yellow. Delicate acacia, peach, pear, sage, thyme, and ginger on the nose. Soft and harmonious; well-balanced, with a beautiful creamy texture. Slightly saline, with a bitter almond finish.

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Angoris Friulano

Angoris Friulano is golden yellow. Delicate acacia, peach, pear, sage, thyme, and ginger on the nose. Soft and harmonious; well-balanced, while fleshy, textured, and creamy; slightly saline with a bitter almond finish.

Friulano is the white grape of Friuli, known in the region since 1622. This comes from a small, 34-year-old vineyard. Wholly stainless steel, with 8 months on the lees, leaves a lightly coloured wine with hints of gold, delicate acacia flower scent, and flavours of peaches, pears, almond and sage, creamy on the finish from that lees ageing. Delicately delicious creation by Tenuta di Angoris, one of the oldest esates in Friuli founded in 1648.

Angoris Friulano: history of Tenuta di Angoris

Because of his service in the war, the Emperor Ferdinand III gave Locatelli Locatelli 300 fields in an area of Cormòns.
That area - called “Langoris” - was indeed part of the Hapsburg Empire.

From this time on, the quiet woods, green hills and gentle vineyards to the Tenuta di Angoris became a retreat.
And this both for the royal families and the èlite from throughout the Hapsburg Empire.

Villa Locatelli, which still dominates the estate, became a symbol of quality and hospitality.
The wines that came from the estate, including the Angoris Friulano, made their way across the royal courts of Europe.

After 3 centuries the Tenuta di Angoris is now one of the most prestigious Friuli wineries.
Today it is managed with renewed enthusiasm by the entrepreneurial spirit of another Locatelli family.

Claudia Locatelli renewed in the latest years the wines and the looks of the Tenuta di Angoris, including the Angoris Friulano.

Respect for traditions that date hundreds of years. Respect for the rhythms of life dictated by seasons and by nature. It is not easy to remember these guiding principles in a fast-moving, ever-changing modern world.

Claudia Locatelli and family strive to balance these goals every day. Passion for those products of a land that has given so much for so long. Dedication towards improvement. A marriage between tradition and innovation.

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