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Podere Pradarolo Velius 2013

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Product Information

Country: Italy

Region: Emilia-Romagna

Grape Variety: Barbera

Vintage: 2013

ABV: 13.5%

Closure: Cork

Bottle Size: 75cl


Intense aromas of cherries and blackberries. Full bodied, with intense and slightly sour black fruit flavours. Well-integrated tannins, high acidity. Made using spontaneous fermentation with wild natural yeast and no added preservative. With its 10 mg/l of total SO2, this is one of the lowest sulphites red wines on the market!

This wine has a very earthy and wild character, both in terms of aromas and flavours, which is typical of natural wines made from spontaneous wild yeast fermentations.

More Information

Podere Pradarolo Velius

Podere Pradarolo Velius is a low sulphite red wine.

Moreover, intense aromas of ripe red cherries, blackberries and especially blueberries.

Full bodied, with ample ripe, red and black fruit flavours, and soft, well-integrated tannins.

Podere Pradarolo Velius low sulphite red wine comes from organic grapes, long maceration (90 days).

Furthermore, no sulphur dioxide addition, use of native yeast only and no filtration.

In conclusion, the Pradarolo Farm is in the municipality of Varano de’ Melegari in the province of Parma.

The main body of the farm where you can find the vineyards, wine cellar and villa, is between 250 and 500 meters asl.

It is on the left bank of the river Ceno, where it forms a kind of natural amphitheatre fully exposed to the south.

One part is bad lands and the rest is fodder and vineyard.

The Producer

The winemaking of the Low Sulphite Red Wine Podere Pradarolo Velius has a complete absence of preservatives and additives.

Furthermore, this is possible only if you have available a fruit with excellent properties.

The very long macerations permit to obtain wine which is especially stable in time without using additives.

Above all, they manage to extract from the fruit all the best that is contains: the color, fragrance, aroma, vitamins, polyphenols.

In conclusion, the first goal in the vineyards is certainly to reach a good condition in the systems density, the pruning, the productivity and weed control.

This is why the preservation of the biodiversity is a key factor for obtaining a high quality in vine cropping.

Most importantly, this is the characteristic that allows the vine to be as independent as possible in development, also keeping a high level of organic matter regeneration in relation especially to the specific ecosystem in which it is.

Podere Pradarolo Velius a Low Sulphite Red Wine by Hay Wines