Collection: Grape Variety - Red Grapes - Triomphe

Triomphe, a lesser-known but increasingly appreciated red grape variety, is gaining attention for its adaptability and the vibrant, fruit-forward wines it produces. Originating as a hybrid developed for resilience and its ability to thrive in cooler climates, Triomphe has found a niche within the burgeoning English wine scene, among others, for its early ripening characteristics and resistance to common vine diseases. The wines made from Triomphe are noted for their deep ruby color, medium body, and an appealing bouquet of red berries, cherries, and a hint of floral notes, often with an underpinning of subtle earthiness. This makes them not only approachable but also versatile in food pairings. Hay Wines has embraced Triomphe, importing and selling wines that showcase this grape's dynamic profile, offering UK wine lovers a taste of something truly innovative and reflective of modern viticultural achievements.