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Did you know almost half the Whisky drunk in the world is drunk in India? Fortunately, at Hay Wines, we’ve gathered an eclectic and exquisite selection of whiskies from around the globe – there’s plenty left! As with all our collections  – we choose individual, small-production producers. We seek to cater to the refined tastes of whisky aficionados and novices alike. Spanning continents and embracing a myriad of flavours, this collection is a testament to the art and science of whisky making, showcasing the finest expressions from India, Scotland, England, Ireland, America, Japan and even India!

Scottish whiskies bring the rich heritage of the highlands and the peaty lochs to the fore, showcasing the depth and complexity for which the region is renowned. From the other side of the Atlantic, American whiskies offer a glimpse into the bold spirit of innovation, with smooth bourbons and spicy rye whiskies reflecting the country's dynamic approach to distillation.

Irish whiskies add a layer of smoothness and warmth to the collection, embodying the welcoming spirit of Ireland with their triple-distilled smoothness. Japanese whiskies, celebrated for their elegance and precision, introduce a subtle complexity that has garnered worldwide acclaim.

We even manage to offer Indian whiskies which offer bold, tropical flavours that reflect the country’s climate and distilling innovations.

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    Amrut Indian Single Malt Whisky

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    Bowmore 12 Year Old Single Malt

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    Bruichladdich Scottish Barley

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    Bushmills Black Bush

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