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Learn more about the wines we have on offer and dicsover something new.
  • Organic Wines

    Organic wines come from organically grown grapes. Tell me more.

  • Biodynamic Wines

    Biodynamic wines are linked to the concept of a spiritual-ethical-ecological approach to agriculture, food production, and nutrition. Tell me more.

  • Natural Wines

    Natural wines come from a natural vinification that is intended as a winemaking process where human interventions (in terms both of additions and manipulations) are kept to a minimum level. Tell me more.

  • Orange Wines

    Orange wines get their name from the darker, slightly orange tinge that the white wines receive due to their contact with the coloring pigments of the grape skins. Tell me more.

  • Low Sulphite Wines

    Low Sulphite Wines: in this category, it is possible to find no added sulphites wines and low sulphite wines. Tell me more.

  • Vegetarian & Vegan Wines

    Is wine vegetarian? Yes, Hay Wines has selected a range of good quality vegetarian & vegan wines that have been produced without the use of any animal-derived additive. Tell me more.

Ethical & Sustainable

  • Bastia INTROVERSØ Valdobbiadene Extra Brut Prosecco DOCG
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