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The Annual Portfolio Tasting 2022

Join us for one of the biggest tasting events in the Three Counties

Wine Cases

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    Best Selling Reds

    Regular price £70.00

  • 95f32c70-1bfd-4a64-89a0-9c867328d48d

    Easy Drinking Whites

    Regular price £51.00

  • f41fb1cf-a7ec-45c3-9ac9-8ef95c7036fc

    Easy Drinking Reds

    Regular price £51.00

  • 40ec8f00-3407-421b-b84f-b3040ad1ee3c

    CLEAN & CRISP White Wines

    Regular price £51.00

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  • 821d00c8-d016-4372-a50c-f1b4abdfee86
  • 4d544be0-9643-4e58-bbcd-a6ec3c093dc9

    Tomatin Legacy Single Malt

    Regular price £26.99

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