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Wines with no added sulphites, also known as “sulphite-free” or low sulphites wines, have been gaining popularity among wine enthusiasts in recent years. These wines are made without the addition of any sulphur dioxide (SO2), a common preservative used in winemaking. While SO2 can prevent spoilage and preserve the freshness of wine, it can also cause adverse reactions in some individuals, especially those who are sensitive to sulphites.

The use of sulphur dioxide in winemaking dates to ancient times when it was discovered that adding burnt candles or sulphur to wine helped prevent spoilage and improve its shelf life. Today, SO2 is still widely used as a preservative in wineries around the world. However, concerns about its potential health effects have led some winemakers to explore alternative methods for preserving their wines, hence the growing trend towards low sulphites wines.

So how do winemakers produce low sulphites wines? The key lies in meticulous grape selection and careful winemaking techniques. Grapes that are healthy and ripe will naturally have lower levels of bacteria and yeast on their skins, reducing the need for preservatives like SO2. Additionally, natural yeasts present on the grapes can ferment without the need for added commercial yeasts which often require higher levels of SO2.

In the cellar, minimal intervention is crucial when making low sulphites wines. Winemakers may choose to use oak barrels rather than stainless steel tanks to allow for natural micro-oxygenation which helps stabilize the wine without the need for additional preservatives. Some may also opt for longer fermentation periods, which can help eliminate the need for added SO2.

While no added sulphite wines and low sulphites wines may sound like the healthier choice, it’s important to note that they are not completely free from preservatives. Sulphur dioxide is a naturally occurring compound in wine and can still be present in small amounts, even without added SO2.

Our low sulphites wines collection is composed of no added sulphites wines, and low sulphites wines that have total SO2 levels strictly below the Soil Association standard for organic wine.

  • Bastia INTROVERSØ Valdobbiadene Extra Brut Prosecco DOCG
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    Gran Cerdo Tinto 2022

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    La Stoppa Ageno 2018

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  • Organic Sparkling La Piotta MilleBolle Brut 2022
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    Leveret Mimi NV

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