Wine Tasting Exeter

Whether you know very little or lots about wine, our home tastings can ensure an interesting, fun and educational tasting experience – Wine Tasting Exeter


We host on a regular basis private wine tasting parties in Exeter, and surrounding areas.
This is an original way to entertain at home, and a good opportunity to bring friends and family together for social events.
Our wine tastings can be organised for groups of 5 people or more, and are often held to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.
During our tastings, we just want to have a relaxed and informed chat about what we have in our glasses. Wine is fun and we want to keep it that way!

At the tasting you will pick up tips and facts about wine, comparing styles and grape varieties, learn how to taste wine and spot a quality bottle.
Indeed, it is possible to discover many facts and interesting stories that lie behind our wines and producers. Wine is much more that just a drink, it mainly is a product of different cultures and traditions.
Therefore, in order to fully understand its values, it is necessary to learn more about its history and territory.

Finally, our Sommeliers are available to host tastings every day of the week, in the afternoons or evenings.



There are different types of wine tastings. Vertical tasting, horizontal tasting, Old World vs. New World wine tasting… or even a blind tasting to really test your knowledge!
Furthermore, you may feel like indulging in a Champagne & Prosecco Wine Tasting, an Organic & Natural Wine Tasting, a Cheese & Wine Tasting, or to theme your evening around a certain country or food.
Finally, our team of experts will be happy to assist you in each single step. Firstly, sorting out theme, structure and duration of the tasting evening. Secondly, making suggestions regarding food to accompany your wines.



At Hay Wines we do not just arrange a wine tasting. We aim to create a moment where people can share their passion and, in addition, learn something. Therefore, if you are a real wine lover looking for a proper wine tasting Exeter… then, you have just found what you were looking for!