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28.06.2024: The Annual Summer Tasting 2024 (Session #2)

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"The Annual Summer Tasting 2024"
Hosted by
7.30pm - 9pm (walk-around tasting)
Hay Wines Ledbury Shop


Join us for our first ever big Summer event!
A walk-around tasting of 30+ Wines & Spirits, with a focus on our range of Spring/Summer wines; plus, a special selection of our latest arrivals and best selling sparkling wines & gins... a truly unmissable event!

The tasting will take place at our shop in Ledbury; tickets will be available for 2 separate sessions, with limited number of spaces:
- Session #1 from 5.30pm to 7pm (click here);
- Session #2 from 7.30pm to 9pm (this page).

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Book your ticket Online, and join us in our fantastic tasting events!

Whether you know very little or lots about beer, wine and spirits, our tastings can ensure an interesting, fun and educational tasting experience.

The Hay Wines Team