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Douro Valley

Conceito White Port

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Douro Valley
Grape Variety
A field blend from 10 native varieties
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A field blend of about 10 different traditional grape varieties. Made from a special block of a very old, pre-phylloxera vineyard in a small granite plateau (600 m above sea level) in the parish of Freixo de Numão. This white port is full bodied with a lovely mouthfeel, with refreshing acidity which helps balance the intensity perfectly.

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Conceito White Port


At Conceito we are time and distance. Time comes from the forties, when the family vineyards started. Distance is not shorter; the Douro Superior has always been far from everything. Modernity compressed it all.

Distances and time can be solved by simple solutions – roads’ access and proximity. We had the dream to bottle a mixture of our sun with our soil and we took that terroir all over the world. Love for our land; love for our work.

Suddenly our wines, the synthesis of our place and dedication, travelled the world and were poured in glasses and served in tables, everywhere. We travelled with our wines, wishing to return home. From each travel we brought a new dream and a new ambition. Sometimes a new friendship, other times a wine; a project in another Continent; a new teaching that combines with our land’s.

Distance is shorter today and time projects in the future. In every bottle we set aside we know it will be more in a year time, in five years, in ten years. Await ten years to caress the wait and calmly enjoy our conviction – a foot in the Douro, our heritage, pride and responsibility. Portugal in the world, we trace new sea routes and take our earth with us.

In a vortex, time and distance flattens out, leaving an emotion and a shiver. Conceito. - Conceito – Vinhos

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