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Da Mhile Organic Seaweed Gin

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Da Mhile Seaweed Gin is a savoury gin, originally designed to complement seafood. It is a garden herb led gin which is infuse with organically sourced seaweed once it has been distilled. It makes a truly unique G&T with natural tonic and a sprig of Rosemary/Olive/slice of lemon. This gin is perfectly suited to martinis, dry or dirty!

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Da Mhile Organic Seaweed Gin


Glynhynod Farm (meaning Remarkable Valley in Welsh), the home of Dà Mhìle distillery, has been owned and run by the Savage-Onstwedders since July 1981.

John, Patrice and Paula came to Wales from their native Holland with dreams of setting up a centre for organic farming and self-sufficiency. Their first venture was using Patrice’s cheese making skills to make wonderful raw milk Caws Teifi Cheese, which is still made on the farm to this day. 

10 years after establishing Caws Teifi Cheese, John spotted a gap in the market for organic whisky (a big gap in the fact that there was no such thing at the time). In 1992 he commissioned Springbank distillery to make him a whisky, establishing Dà Mhìle and creating the first organic whisky of the modern era! Our name was inspired by the initial bottling, which was done to celebrate the millennium, (Dà Mhìle translates to ‘two thousand’ in Scots-Galic/Dwy Fil yn Cymreig).

One further batch of organic whisky was commissioned at Loch Lomond distillery in the year 2000 and in 2012 our vision was realised, and they opened the doors to their very own distillery on the farm. 

Since then, they’ve not only continued making whisky but also other organic spirits, from Dark Skies Rum to Seaweed Gin, all inspired by our history and surroundings.

Today the farm and family businesses are run by Patrice and John’s two sons; John-James and Robert, who are actively ensuring Dà Mhìle continues making the wonderful organic spirits they’ve become known for.

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