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Famille de Boel France 'Le Gras C'est La Vie' 2022

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Grape Variety
Grenache, Caladoc, Carignan
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It explodes with its red and black fruit, its spicy side is almost meaty and savoury. Fleshy and fruity it remains fresh and lively in the mouth but well structured, ideal as a partner to cold cuts and other charcuterie.

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Famille de Boel France 'Le Gras C'est La Vie !'


Fat is life! Is a tribute to the butchers, to the almost lost winter tradition where a pig was killed and then the weekend was spent making puddings, sausages, pâtés and other rillettes!! It was a time of rejoicing, of sharing with family and friends, a real moment of conviviality and joy, and that is the whole state of mind of this wine!

Indigenous yeasts, 100% stainless steel tank to keep the vibrant side of the fruit.

Nelly France from Brittany and Arnaud de Boel from Belgium are the new kids on the block, freshly installed in the Rhône Valley. In fact, they have been working for other wineries in the area since 2011, but the  idea of starting their own winery became a reality with 2016 vintage

Their winery is located in Lemps, in the northern Rhône, between Lyon and Avignon. They have vineyards in Saint JosephCornasCollines RhodaniennesCôtes du Rhône Villages Massif d'Uchaux and Sainte Cécile, as well as in Côtes du Rhône

They believe in working 'clean and green', looking after their soils, their land, looking at developing biodiversity, multiplying plant and animal species, this is their mission and what they believe is their duty.

Before thinking biodiversity, they have to start with the basics: no synthetic products (no chemicals, glyphosate or other smuts) in their vineyards - nor herbicides, or pesticides. Once that essential step done, biodynamics and the idea of working with outside elements can take place and make full sense. 


Famille de Boel France 'Le Gras C'est La Vie !' - Hay Wines