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Masi Tupungato Corbec 2020

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Malbec, Corvina
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Good acid with soft tannins. Ripe red fruit mixed with fresh and spicy aromas. Long and dry on the finish. Unique “double fermentation process” combines Malbec grapes with dried Corvina grapes creating big aromas, intensity, yet soft tannins. Great value!

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Masi Tupungato Corbec

Masi Tupungato Corbec is a lively red with great richness and intensity. An emblematic demonstration of the originality of the appassimento method and its suitability for use outside the Valpolicella region. The elegance of the Corvina, with its cherry tastes and its velvety body, complements the tannic virility of the Malbec perfectly, creating an original taste and aroma profile. Master Sommelier Larry Stone has called Corbec “one of South America’s absolute top wines”.

The old Italian firm of Masi believe the oenological practices developed in the Veneto regarding viticulture, winemaking techniques and wine style can be exported and adapted wherever the natural and cultural location proves to be suitable.

Masi Tupungato is the name of Masi’s winemaking project in the Mendoza region of Argentina, located in the Tupungato valley at the foot of the eponymous volcano.

Here Masi has found the perfect climatic and cultural conditions to host the grapes and oenological techniques of the Venetian regions, particularly Appassimento, in which Masi has a recognised expertise.

Masi has also exported its philosophy of care and respect for the environment to Argentina, creating a completely eco-sustainable company.

The Masi Tupungato vineyards are found in a particularly suitable area for viticulture that is also especially in native flora and fauna.

In respect of this unique environment Masi has developed an eco-sustainability project for the area, practising organic agriculture and maintaining an oasis of biodiversity with the protection of 11 cerros (small hills) where numerous species of native animals have their home and where a botanical garden has been created to protect many local species of plants.

The 140 hectares of vineyards that make up this eco-sustainable oasis are planted with native grapes, Malbec and Torrontés, alongside Corvina and Pinot Grigio grapes imported from the Venetian regions.

Thanks to the favourable climate, the typical Appassimento method used with grapes from the Valpolicella region is also used here.

Masi Tupungato Corbec