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West Midlands

Dr Eamer's London Dry Gin

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West Midlands
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This remains the Juniper rich citrus forward and herbaceous London Dry of before but with additional dimensions and depth. A Superior smoothness and simply blended with Spring Water to retain the full essence of the Botanicals, leading to a wonderful louche or clouding of the spirit when cooled or mixed.

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Dr Eamer's London Dry Gin


Our family has been distilling Spirits for Three Generations, the only way we know how... by hand. We use a traditional Alembic Copper Pot Still, which allows for all of the beautiful botanical essence to be captured. We use only the best and freshest Botanicals: from hand peeling our Citrus, to preparing and chopping our fresh Fruit, ensures every single batch of our Spirit is wonderfully fresh, clean and complex.

Founded by Jordan Lunn in 2017 after years of crafting Spirits at his home Distillery. "I had been crafting Spirits for years, with the growth in popularity for Gin friends and family would often ask if I could make them some Gin. This quickly grew arms and legs and resulted in us moving into our first proper home for the Distillery, and out of the back bedroom" laughed Jordan. "My Mother and Sister joined the business full time to help us keep up with the growing demand and in October 2019 we opened our first Bar, Dr Eamers' Distillery Bar. We now have a fantastic team of 9 great people and our goal of creating fine craft spirits remains the same as always."

Dr Eamer's London Dry Gin - Hay Wines