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Elements of Islay Sherry Cask Blended Malt

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Elements of Islay Sherry Cask is a blended malt whisky matured in sherry butts and hogsheads, with its components sourced from two renowned Islay distilleries – one from the north coast and one from the south. The result is a rich and spicy blend with aromas of tobacco, ginger, lemon and treacle toffee; a palate of candied orange, dark chocolate and crystallised ginger; and a sweet, smoky finish. Excellent served neat or on the rocks, or in a classic cocktail such as a Manhattan.

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Elements of Islay Sherry Cask Blended Malt


Elements of Islay, a range of small batch, independently bottled whiskies, is where the elements of flavour collide. Every sip of ‘Elements of Islay’ is a true taste of Islay. The new range has been inspired by the flavour, smell and taste of nature on Islay and all that it bestows.

The core range comprises three permanent expressions: Cask Edit, Bourbon Cask and Sherry Cask. These are complemented by limited edition single malt bottlings from individual Islay distilleries identified with periodic symbols and batch numbers.

Elements of Islay Sherry Cask Blended Malt - Hay Wines