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Ron La Progresiva de Vigia 13

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Blend número 13 was selected from over 50 to deliver this sipping masterpiece. This is a progressive breakthrough taste profile for Cuba, with balanced notes of rich dark cocoa, a velvet mouth feel and sustained finish

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Ron La Progresiva de Vigia 13 


La Progresiva has a soul that sings with old Cuban rum traditions and a DNA infused with a forward way of thinking. It’s in this clash we find the perfect blend. The perfect blend to sip, pure and undiluted. La Progresiva is Cuban through and through. Presented by Cuban spirits connoisseurs The Island Rum Company, it is a refined sipping spirit of the sort previously reserved for the Cuban elite. Outside Havana, at Bodega Vigia, Cuba’s first female master blender craft La Progresiva from spirits born in the red soil of Ciego de Ávila, central Cuba, where rum has been produced since 1577.

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