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Isles of Scilly

Scilly Spirit Distillery Island Gin

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Isles of Scilly
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On the nose, a lovely balance of piney juniper, piquancy of cardamom, with a hint of orange, herbal lime leaf and warm familiar notes of cassia. Full and rounded in the mouth, with soft citrus and juniper on the fore, followed by layers of fennel, a fruity peppery note and subtle spice. The savoury tones of the pepper and cardamom are balanced by a touch of sweetness from the orange and fennel.

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Scilly Spirit Distillery Island Gin


The inspiration for our gin recipe dates back to 1665 when the survivors of a ship, wrecked around Bishop Rock, were rescued by bold crewmen in pilot gig boats from this island, St Mary’s.

Part of that ship’s rich cargo was pepper from Java for the Spice Trade, and so pepper is one of the 6 main botanicals (reflective of the oarsmen) plus juniper (the cox to lead) that make up our bold, vibrant Island Gin.


Gigs now enjoy racing for sport from this island, versus their historic piloting role, as the Bishop Rock’s majestic lighthouse shines to guide today’s ships. Inspired by the heritage, beauty and vibrant aqua green sea of this enchanting archipelago, we feel our gin truly captures Scilly’s spirit.

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