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Côtes du Roussillon Villages

Terres Fideles Cotes du Roussillon Villages Vielles Vignes 2019

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Côtes du Roussillon Villages
Grape Variety
Grenache 60% Carignan 40%
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Our first organic addition to the top-tier from Terres Fidèles. This, is a blend of Grenache and Carignan, a wine of power but not at the cost of elegance and finesses. A beautiful balance of dark and light. Grenache brings with it huge dark brooding fruit, great concentration and rich texture, whilst Carignan adds freshness, acidity, and bright fruit which marks out this very singular wine.

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Terres Fideles Cotes du Roussillon Villages Vielles Vignes


Over the last two decades Alliance Wine been creating wines in the wilds of southern France.

Embarking on adventures; exploring, discovering and rediscovering remarkable places and vineyard sites. From the foothills and valleys beneath the iconic Pyrénées, out through the gorges to the coastal areas of the Mediterranean. We’ve journeyed with our friends and exceptional growers, who excel at their craft and have an inherent respect for the land that they and theirs are a part of. It is these people and places that inspire our winemaking. The wines of Terres Fidèles are designed to express the spirit of this extraordinary place - old vine Grenache, Carignan, Malbec, Cinsault, Viognier and more, that are authentically crafted, small batch wines of the wilds.

Terres Fideles Cotes du Roussillon Villages Vielles Vignes - Hay Wines