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Bastia INTROVERSØ Valdobbiadene Extra Brut Prosecco DOCG

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Grape Variety
Prosecco (Glera)
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To the palate, this top-quality Prosecco keeps the pleasant roundness and smoothness typical of Glera, but without the need of any sugars to balance its acidity. It shows a very elegant floral bouquet, with a balanced dry mineral finish.

With 0 g/l of residual sugars, the INTROVERSØ is a very rare example of an actual sugar-free or Brut Nature Prosecco.

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Bastia INTROVERSØ Valdobbiadene Brut Nature Prosecco DOCG

Bastia INTROVERSØ is a real Zero Sugar Prosecco, full of flavour and creamy, smooth. The best low calorie Prosecco!

This unique sugar free Prosecco keeps all the aromatic complexity of Glera grapes, without the need of any residual sugars.

Its elegance and delicate character make this wine one of the most loved among Spumante wine lovers.

The idea of a healthy low sugar Prosecco and with low calorie has become more and more tangible in recent years. (

The low sugar Prosecco styles have become more fashionable lately. This is partly due to their low calories and low sugar content.

With its 0 g/l of residual sugars, the INTROVERSØ Zero Sugar Prosecco DOCG by Bastia s a very rare example of an actual sugar free Prosecco.

This is why it is the lowest sugar Prosecco you can find on the UK market and one of the best low calorie Prosecco too!

Zero Sugar Prosecco DOCG comes from two vineyards: Saccol and Bastia.

The winemaking process for the 2 vineyards takes place together at the same time to better balance the organoleptic character of each parcel of land.

The name of this zero sugar Prosecco DOCG means “introvert” in Italian. Indeed, it does not give confidence right away. But the balanced savoury notes, slightly aromatic, are a temptation for your palate.

The Producer

You can find Bastia winery in Saccol, the heart of Valdobbiadene DOCG appellation, at the feet of the Bastìa hill.

This is the beginning of the narrow but famous zone called Cartizze.

Of small dimensions but of great prestige, the company Azienda Agricola Rebuli Michele is the fruit of 5 generations giving the knowledge and skill to make Zero Sugar Prosecco DOCG Introvers0 by Bastia.

Rebuli family always lived among these wonderful as hard hillside vineyards very steep and rugged, placed at the high about 300 mt above the sea-level.

The producer has just few hectares of vineyards of its property. All of them are located in the top-quality Valdobbiadene district, suitable for the Prosecco Superiore DOCG appellation.

Bastia INTROVERSØ Valdobbiadene Brut Nature Prosecco DOCG - Sugar Free Wine