Collection: Portugal - Peninsula De Setubal

The Península de Setúbal, located to the south of Lisbon in Portugal, is a wine region renowned for its diverse range of high-quality wines, which reflect the rich tapestry of its landscape, from coastal plains to rolling hills. This region is particularly famous for its Moscatel de Setúbal, a fortified wine with a luscious sweetness and aromatic intensity, showcasing notes of orange blossom, citrus, and honey. However, Península de Setúbal also produces exceptional still wines, both red and white, crafted from indigenous grapes such as Castelão and Fernão Pires, which offer a unique blend of fruitiness, spice, and earthiness. Hay Wines has recognized the distinctive character of the Península de Setúbal's wines, importing and presenting them to the UK market. Their selection invites wine lovers to explore the depth and variety of this lesser-known, yet historically rich Portuguese wine region, delivering a taste experience that ranges from the sumptuously sweet to elegantly complex.

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    Cintila Red 2022

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    Cintila White 2023

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