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Sercial, a white grape variety most notably associated with the production of Madeira, the fortified wine from the eponymous island, is celebrated for its vibrant acidity and exceptional aging potential. This variety produces the driest style of Madeira, characterized by its sharp, invigorating acidity, nuanced with flavours of citrus, nuts, and a distinctive spicy note, making it a superb aperitif or a companion to food. Beyond Madeira, Sercial shows versatility in still wine production, where it can express a lean, mineral-driven profile. Hay Wines has ventured into importing and offering Sercial wines, providing the UK market with an opportunity to experience this unique grape variety's crisp, complex profile. Their selection of Sercial, particularly in the form of Madeira, invites connoisseurs and curious drinkers alike to discover the depth and diversity of wines crafted from this distinguished variety, enhancing the appreciation of traditional and modern vinification methods.

  • Henriques & Henriques Madeira 10 yo Sercial 50cl
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