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Verdil, a rare white grape variety native to the Valencia region of Spain, plays a crucial role in producing some of the area's most distinctive and intriguing wines. Known for its limited cultivation, Verdil contributes to wines that are highly valued for their unique character, combining a delicate floral aroma with vibrant citrus and green apple notes, underpinned by a refreshing acidity and minerality. This grape variety's ability to express the nuances of its terroir makes Verdil-based wines a fascinating discovery for those seeking to explore less common varietals. Hay Wines has recognized the potential of Verdil, importing and selling these exceptional wines to the UK market. Their commitment to offering Verdil wines allows wine enthusiasts an exclusive glimpse into the hidden treasures of Spanish viticulture, presenting a wine that is both rare and refreshingly different.

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    Celler del Roure Cullerot 2022

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