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Boğazkere, an indigenous Turkish grape variety, is celebrated for its bold character and significant contribution to the country's distinguished red wines. Known for its robust tannins and high acidity, Boğazkere produces deeply coloured, full-bodied wines that promise an intense sensory experience, featuring rich layers of dark fruits, spices, and a distinctive earthy undertone. This grape's ability to age gracefully allows its complexity to unfold over time, revealing a harmonious blend of power and elegance. Hay Wines has curated a selection of Boğazkere wines, imported directly from Turkey, to introduce UK wine enthusiasts to the depth and richness of this lesser-known varietal. Their commitment to offering Boğazkere wines underscores an appreciation for diverse winemaking traditions and provides an opportunity for consumers to explore the robust flavours and unique profile of Turkish red wines.

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    Kayra Buzbag Reserve 2020

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