Collection: Grape Variety - Red Grapes - Liatiko

Liatiko is an ancient grape variety indigenous to Crete, Greece, with a history that intertwines with the island's extensive winemaking heritage. This variety is known for producing both dry and sweet wines that are highly aromatic and express a unique terroir-driven character. Liatiko wines are celebrated for their light body, smooth tannins, and a palette that includes notes of ripe red fruits, sun-dried tomatoes, herbs, and hints of floral undertones, evolving into more complex aromas of honey and spices as they age. The sweet versions, often sun-dried to concentrate the sugars, are particularly noteworthy for their balance of acidity and sweetness. Hay Wines has ventured into importing Liatiko, offering UK wine enthusiasts a gateway to the rich tapestry of Greek winemaking traditions. Their selection highlights the varietal's versatility and the captivating complexity of Crete's wines, inviting a deeper appreciation of ancient grape varieties cultivated in modern times.

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