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Rondo, a red grape variety, has been making waves in cooler climate viticulture, particularly noted for its hardiness and ability to ripen reliably in less than ideal weather conditions. This grape is a hybrid, developed to combine the robustness and disease resistance of its parent strains with the capability to produce deeply colored, full-bodied wines. The wines from Rondo are characterized by their vibrant ruby color, rich berry fruit flavors, such as blackcurrant and cherry, and a pleasant spiciness, often complemented by a smooth tannin structure. Hay Wines has recognized the potential of Rondo, importing and selling wines made from this adaptable variety, providing an intriguing option for UK consumers interested in exploring different facets of red wine beyond the traditional choices. Their selection of Rondo wines represents an exciting frontier in winemaking, showcasing how innovation in grape breeding can lead to deliciously distinctive results.

  • Three Choirs Ravens Hill 2021

    Three Choirs Ravens Hill 2021

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