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The Tannat grape variety, originally from the Basque region of France, has gained prominence for its robust, tannic wines, predominantly produced in Madiran. Known for its deep colour, high tannins, and strong structure, Tannat wines are rich in antioxidants, particularly resveratrol. Over the years, this grape has adapted remarkably well to the Uruguayan climate, becoming the country's signature variety and experiencing a softer, more approachable style compared to its French counterparts. Modern winemaking techniques, including micro-oxygenation, have allowed vintners to tame its tannic nature, resulting in wines that, while still bold, offer a smoother finish and greater complexity of flavour. This evolution showcases Tannat’s versatility and its rising popularity among wine enthusiasts seeking intensity and depth in their red wines.

  • Garzon Tannat 2021

    Garzon Tannat 2021

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    Piattelli Premium Tannat 2021

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  • Domaine Capmartin Tannat Madiran 2020