Collection: Grape Variety - Red Grapes - Zweigelt

Zweigelt, Austria's most planted red grape variety, is celebrated for producing approachable, fruit-forward wines that beautifully express the country's cool-climate terroir. Created in 1922 by crossing Blaufränkisch with St. Laurent, Zweigelt is versatile, capable of yielding a wide range of wine styles, from light and refreshing to more structured and age-worthy examples. The wines are typically marked by a deep cherry color, vibrant acidity, and a palate pleasing mix of red berry fruits, pepper, and sometimes floral notes, making them highly food-friendly. Hay Wines has recognized the appeal of Zweigelt, importing and offering these charming wines to the UK market. Their selection provides an excellent introduction to the varietal, inviting wine lovers to explore the nuanced and diverse profile of Austrian red wines through the lens of Zweigelt's accessible and enjoyable character.

  • The Dot Austrian Cherry Zweigelt 2023