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Verdelho, a white grape variety originating from Portugal, has found a notable presence in wine regions around the world, particularly in Madeira and Australia, where it is valued for its versatility and distinctive flavor profile. This grape produces wines that are characteristically vibrant and aromatic, offering a delightful array of tropical fruit, peach, and citrus notes, complemented by a refreshing acidity and a subtle minerality. Its ability to produce both dry and sweet styles of wine makes Verdelho an exciting choice for wine enthusiasts looking to explore beyond more common varietals. Hay Wines has tapped into the appeal of Verdelho, importing and selling a selection that highlights the grape’s adaptability and rich flavor palette. Their range introduces UK consumers to the bright, refreshing qualities of Verdelho, showcasing the varietal’s potential to delight and surprise with its lively character and depth of flavor.

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  • Fitapreta a Laranja Mecanica Orange Wine
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    Protos Verdelho Rueda 2021

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  • Henriques & Henriques Madeira 10 Year Old Verdelho 50cl