Collection: Petit Manseng

The Petit Manseng grape variety is a hidden gem originating from the South West of France, particularly renowned within the Jurançon and Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh appellations. Esteemed for its remarkable ability to produce wines of both dry and sweet natures, Petit Manseng thrives in the region's unique climate, yielding small, thick-skinned berries capable of reaching high sugar concentrations while maintaining a vibrant acidity. This balance makes it ideal for crafting exquisite sweet wines, often with complex aromas of tropical fruits, honey, and spice, that can age gracefully over many years. In recent times, dry versions of Petit Manseng have gained popularity, showcasing the grape's versatility and its potential to produce wines with depth, aromatic intensity, and a distinctive crispness that sets it apart from other varieties.

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  • Cabidos Gaston Phoebus Petit Manseng Sec