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Viosinho is a lesser-known yet highly esteemed white grape variety indigenous to Portugal, celebrated for its contribution to the country's complex and aromatic white wines, particularly those from the Douro Valley. Hay Wines, recognising the varietal's potential for crafting wines with both depth and vibrancy, has begun importing and offering Viosinho-based wines, spotlighting its ability to produce wines with a wonderful balance of acidity, minerality, and rich fruit flavours. These wines typically exhibit a bouquet of fresh citrus, peach, and subtle floral notes, underpinned by a refreshing acidity that makes them exceptionally food-friendly. The commitment of Hay Wines to Viosinho underscores the importer's dedication to bringing distinctive, high-quality wines to a discerning audience, providing wine enthusiasts with the opportunity to explore the nuances of Portuguese winemaking through a grape variety that offers both complexity and elegance.

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    Fonseca Siroco White Port

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  • Luis Seabra Xisto Ilimitado Douro Branco 2021
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    Quinta de la Rosa White 2021

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