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135 East Hyogo Japanese Dry Gin

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Having carefully examined the flavour profile of over 50 different botanicals, Master Distiller & Blender Kimio Yonezawa chose to combine 3 traditional ones from Europe, together with 5 uniquely Japanese ones — all sourced from small local producers and the best specialists in Japan, distilled separately to preserve character and finally blended together. Capturing the essence of each Japanese botanical through a vacuum distillation process, a technique used in the luxury perfume industry, 135° East preserves the pure olfactory notes and subtleties of their aromas.

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135 East Hyogo Japanese Dry Gin


A gin inspired by the Taisho era, a period in which Eastern culture fused with Western customs. The city of Akashi is located at exactly 135 degrees East longitude and was chosen in 1888 to determine Japan Standard Time. The Japanese call it 'Toki no machi' = the city of time. As a symbol of the gin that would join its ranks, the 135th meridian was a clear choice for the Kaikyo Distillery.
135°EAST gin has been awarded a Gold medal by The Spirits Business Asian Spirits Masters 2023! The first time for us in this Asian category!

135 East Hyogo Japanese Dry Gin - Hay Wines