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Bodega Hildago Luxumus Liqueur

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The Luxumus is a handcrafted liqueur infused with different botanicals and produced in small batches in the sherry region (Southern Spain). Suitable to blend with coffee or enjoyed on its own, as well as a premium cocktail ingredient. A five times distilled alcohol base is carefully blended with refined sugar, cocoa, curacao, vanilla, citrus and other ingredients in a secret formula developed by our master distiller. Aroma: Very fragrant with hints of cocoa and vanilla. Palate: Sweet and complex. Presence of chocolate and toffee and with a long finish.

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Bodega Hildago Luxumus Liqueur


Bodegas Hidalgo was established in Sanlúcar de Barrameda in 1792 and is one of the oldest Sherry producers in existence.

In a nutshell: Bodegas Hidalgo was established by the Hidalgo family over 200 years ago and is still owned and run by the eighth generation today. At present, they use only grapes grown in their own vineyards to make their wines.

Arguably, the most famous wine they produce is the La Gitana Manzanilla, named after a gypsy barmaid who, by all accounts, captivated her customers in turn-of-the-century Malaga and Eduardo Hidalgo in particular. Mesmerised by her animal magnetism, Eduardo decided to call the family Sherry after this exotic femme fatale. Overall, the Manzanillas, premium and aged Sherries produced by the Bodega are seen as benchmarks of quality and style the world over. Recently, the Bodega has released a white wine named Las 30 del Cuadrado which is an homage to a unique 30 acre plot of 70 year old palomino vines that are found inside the large Estate called “El Cuadrado”.

Sanlúcar de Barrameda is also a tourism hotspot, with holidaymakers and wine lovers welcome to tour the Bodega, located near the heart of the town’s bustling centre. In 2019, Bodegas Hidalgo opened the doors to their much anticipated “Restaurante EntreBotas” in the Bodega, serving traditional Spanish dishes from the region with a touch of modernity.

The terroir: The Sherries of Bodegas Hidalgo have a double terroir. Firstly, the vineyards in which the grapes are grown on the finest albariza soils, and secondly, where the wines are aged. This is done via the solera process under natural flor. This process produces the innately saline, fresh manzanillas of Sanlùcar, for which the Bodega is most famous.

The Bodegas Hidalgo ‘personality’: Known as the definitive Manzanilla House, continuity and quality have always been the most important themes for the company.

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