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Casa Noble Tequila Blanco

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The clean, crisp taste of the Casa Noble Blanco Tequila celebrates the fresh flavour of the noble Blue Weber Agave. Enticing aromas set the palate for flavours of honey, buttery-sweet cooked agave and a hint of citrus. Triple distilled for a well-balanced and smoother-than-glass finish, this Blanco is in a class by itself.

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Casa Noble Tequila Blanco

Estate Grown

We nurture and harvest our 100% Blue Weber agave in the rich, volcanic soil of our high-altitude fields on the mountains of western Jalisco, tended to until they reach full maturity.

Triple Distilled

Most tequila is distilled twice. But craving a higher-quality, superior tequila, we became one of the first to distil tequila three times. Achieving the finest tequila we’ve ever tasted, plus the characteristics and aromatic essence that are uniquely Casa Noble.


Sustainability lies at the heart of everything we do. At Casa Noble, we’re committed to natural, sustainable practices to care for our land. From establishing agave fields on a high altitude estate to making our own compost—we continue giving back to nature because of everything it’s given us. In order to create an outstanding tequila, we believe there must be a careful and caring balance between our process, the environment and the well-being of the people who make our tequila possible.

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