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Hay Wines Ooo Choccy Orange Cream Liqueur

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Chocolate Orange Cream Liqueur 17%, made with  Dutch cocoa (22-24% cocoa butter) and high quality orange oils, use 5 main ingredients: fresh milk, sugar, pure Dutch cocoa, alcohol and natural aromas.  Available in 20cl bottle and 50cl bottle

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Chocolate Orange Cream Liqueur

The main ingredients of Chocolate Orange Cream Liqueur are with semi-skimmed milk, sugar, alcohol and grappa.

They have low alcohol content (17°) to bring out the distinctly individual flavours.

This also perfects the conservation of milk and its organoleptic characteristics.

The natural ingredients (milk, rather than milk protein, and water), and the special processing through controlled temperature emulsification, lend these products a remarkably creamy consistency.

This is something completely lacking in similar mass-produced items.

Ooo Choccy Orange Cream Liqueur

This is a delicious cream Liqueur, with the finest ingredients.

Chocolate Orange Cream Liqueur is beautifully smooth, and with a unique aromatic and refreshing aftertaste.

This liqueur is made with generous amounts of Dutch cocoa (22-24% cocoa butter), matched together with high quality orange oils.

Shake well before use; best served slightly chilled on the rocks, but it can also be used to top desserts and ice creams.

About Piolo & Max

Two young liqueur producers from Trieste, embarked on an adventure running a small business creating their own liqueurs and spirits.

They always pay special attention to the quality of the raw materials, all strictly natural and when possible organic.

Their little "workshop of spirits" is in the heart of Trieste and welcomes people to drop in and try their new inventions

Italian Liqueurs: a tradition of quality

Italy is known for its high number, quality and range of liqueurs and spirits.

Italians mainly enjoy this kind of products as an after-dinner digestive, but they are often important ingredients for desserts.

Ooo Choccy Orange Cream Liqueur - Hay Wines Luscious Liqueurs