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Bekaa Valley

Mersel Wines Piquette 2021

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Bekaa Valley
Grape Variety
Muscat (40%), Sauvignon Blanc (30%), Merwah (30%)
Crown Cap
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Grapes were pressed lightly, leftover wet grapes went back to concrete tank where water was added to dilute and ferment remaining sugars. This went on for 5-10 days. Juice was then racked off, and was allowed to settle over winter. Organic honey from their own bees was added to restart fermentation in spring - No SO2 added. Lightly sparkling.

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Mersel Wines Piquette


Our story goes back all the way to 1550 BCE, when our ancestors the Phoenicians established the trading culture that connected the coastline of today’s Lebanon with the whole world.

In addition to spreading their alphabets and trading their famous purple dye, the “traders in purple” as the Greeks and Romans used to call them, traded wine. Big terracotta jars were specially produced in pottery kilns in Tyre to transport wine to the world.

Lebanon is among the oldest site in wine production in the world. Today we continue this legacy, with the same passion that the Phoenicians had centuries ago, exporting to the world best quality wine from the land of the cedars.

At Mersel Wine, we wanted to embed our culture with our wines. Lebanese people are warm and hospitable, they open their hearts and homes and welcome those around them. We wanted to create wines that fit with the Lebanese character, wines that are for everyone to enjoy, and wines that help our local farmers.

Our name 'Mersel Wine' comes from the region Maksar Mersel, which is the highest viticulture region in Lebanon, located between the Cedars and Ainata El Arz at an altitude ranging between 2,000 and 2,400m. We also have vineyards in Ainata in the Bekaa Valley, Dimane and Bcharre in Wadi Qannoubine, and Bousit in Northern Lebanon.

Our philosophy is to keep it simple. Our wines are made naturally, with very little or no sulfites. Our wines are unfiltered and unfined using organic farming methods, resulting in simple fermented wine.

Mersel Wine is committed to producing high-quality wines and spirits that are not mainstream in the Lebanese market. We strive to produce wine with diverse tastes and methods using natural and environmentally friendly methods. We are committed to planting and maintaining our vineyards in an environmentally friendly manner so that every bottle can be savoured and enjoyed.

Mersel Wines Piquette - Hay Wines