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Rockfield Dry Gin

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Juniper, the essential gin botanical provides a hint of bitterness. Combined with acidic notes from citrus peel and depth and warmth provided by orris root and coriander, this offers a refreshing and versatile gin to enjoy with tonic and friends.

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Rockfield Dry Gin 


Eight carefully chosen botanicals perfectly mixed to deliver a deliciously crisp dry gin. The Rockfield Dry Gin is the Spirit of Hereford in a glass.

"At Rockfield we are proud of our handcrafted spirits, which we distil right here on site. Many hours have been spent perfecting the taste of every Rockfield Spirit to ensure that you are craving for more. Currently our flagship product is our gin. At present we offer dry and pink gin with more flavours to follow. These can be ordered here on our website and delivered to your doorstep. Alternatively, you could visit us in our on-site shop in Rockfield Industrial Estate, where our experts can explain further about how we have perfected the taste.

Behind the scenes our distillers are currently working on a spiced rum, which we hope to release in the next coming months." - Rockfield Gin

Rockfield Dry Gin - Hay Wines