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Romate Fino

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Palomino Fino
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This is a classic fino with a dry palate and pleasant acidity. Wonderfully intense yet delicate this makes a perfect aperitif

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Romate Fino

Romate Fino, is a classic fino with a dry palate and pleasant acidity - Wonderfully intense yet delicate this makes a perfect aperitif

In 1781 the Sanchez Romate Sherry house laid down its firm’s Solera in Jerez de la Frontera, the hottest part of the Sherry country.

The town of Jerez doesn’t have the influence of the maritime breezes, and the warmer climate affects the ageing process of the wines.

With this in mind we’ve selected a range of wines that benefit from greater complexity and richness.

Each fino cask is a fermentation vessel and it ferments and matures with different yeast strains according to the humidity, temperature and air currents in the bodega.

We select the best barrels and have them bottled as Fino Perdido. This is a mature golden Romato fino sherry: rich and full.

In Andalusia in summer the Spanish eat superb fish and shellfish and wash it down with characterful finos such as this. Let’s do summer, shellfish and sherry together too!

One of the few larger bodegas to remain in family hands, Sanchez Romate was established in 1781.

The founder, a restless, educated man called Juan Sanchez de la Torre enjoyed the bustle of Jerez in the formative years of Sherry's success.

After being joined by a partner, Romate, he went on to do much work for charity and culture, gaining local respect not only for that, but for the quality of his wines.

In 1887 the fourth generation of the family introduced a new product, brandy. It had been intended for the use of family and friends, but was so good they decided to market it.

They chose the name Cardenal Mendoza after a XV century cardinal who helped Columbus, and the brandy has been very successful ever since, providing a worthwhile income while sales of Sherry are depressed.

In 1909 the firm was appointed official supplier of Sherry to the House of Lords, and in 1917 to the Vatican.

The company owns about 100 hectares of albariza vineyard in Balbaina for the production of Finos, and it is said that they buy in Moscatel and PX.

Facts are so far hard to come by, but at some point they took over Bustamante's bodega next door and also that of the old firm of Wisdom and Warter (though not the soleras which went to Gonzalez Byass).

The bodegas, built mostly in 1820, have an interesting device to maintain the necessary 70% humidity. Instead of simply spraying water from a hose, they have a high pressure mist spray system on the walls.

Now in its 10th generation, Romate exports to over 40 countries, and produces much BOB (buyer's own brand) Sherry.

Some bottlings have magnificent old fashioned labels of Victorian ladies, for example their Manzanilla "Viva la Pepa" and the 8 year old Fino Perdido from the 85 butt Celestino solera (a different solera to Marismeno).

The firm also contract bottles wine for Cayetano del Pino and Fernando de Castilla, as well as occasional almacenista wines for Viniberia.

The range consists of: Brandy, Vinegar, table wine from Rueda and Ribera del Duero, and Sherry-

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