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  • Salcombe Distillery Aegean Sky Non-Alcoholic Gin
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Salcombe Distillery Aegean Sky Non-Alcoholic Gin

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Bursting with bright citrus aromas of blood orange, mandarin and kumquat on the nose.

The palate has fresh, bitter citrus flavours, layered with the floral notes of rosehip and bergamot citrus, earthy herbal undertones of rosemary and complex layers of olive throughout.

The finish is bitter and dry with woody notes from quassia, balanced with herbaceous rosemary, lingering citrus, and a slightly savoury undertone olive shining through until the end.

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Salcombe Distillery Aegean Sky Non-Alcoholic Gin

‘Aegean Sky’ has been carefully distilled and crafted using 6 core botanical distillates and extracts and a further 6 natural flavours, all of which have been handpicked to showcase the vibrant Mediterranean coastlines of the Aegean Sea and to create a flavour profile reminiscent of the region’s finest citrus and olive groves.

To create the base for ‘Aegean Sky’, our expert distillers first make a ‘botanical steep’. 6 hand-sourced and carefully balanced botanicals including kumquat, bergamot, olive and rosemary are steeped in a neutral grain spirit and water which macerates for 48 hours at about 40% ABV. The use of alcohol to extract and carry flavour is an important part of the process.

Next, using a combination of craft and innovation, the ‘botanical steep’ is then distilled in our rotary vacuum still; a process that removes the alcohol without removing the flavour. This creates a highly concentrated core flavour distillate, which acts as the backbone of ‘Aegean Sky’. This core flavour distillate is then carefully blended with a further 6 natural flavours such as blood orange and rosehip and stabilised with the unusual use of kombucha.

Available in 70cl, 0% ABV.

Salcombe Distillery Aegean Sky Non-Alcoholic Gin - Hay Wines