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  • Salcombe Distillery New London Light Non-Alcoholic Gin
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Salcombe Distillery New London Light Non-Alcoholic Gin

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A blend of bright orange citrus, aromatic cardamom and herbaceous rosemary and sage on the nose.

An aromatic and warming balance of juniper, ginger and habanero capsicum on the palate with fragrant bitterness from sage and cascarilla bark.

The finish is long and smooth with sweet orange and star anise, lengthened with floral coriander and lemongrass.

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Salcombe Distillery New London Light Non-Alcoholic Gin

New London Light is a bold collection of contemporary non-alcoholic spirits and aperitifs, crafted by our team of expert distillers who challenge the process and bring innovative flavour combinations into a new era of taste without alcohol.

‘First Light’ marks the start of Salcombe Distillery's adventure into the non-alcoholic world. Building on their expertise in creating exceptional London Dry gin, this bold and refreshing non-alcoholic spirit combines juniper, ginger, habanero, orange and sage to open a door into a new world of flavour.

Winner of the 2021 People’s Choice Spirits Award for the ‘Mindful Drinking’ category and the 2021 Beverage Testing Institute Gold award for ‘Conscious Spirits’.

Available in 70cl, 0% ABV.

‘First Light’ is crafted by distilling a combination of rich Macedonian juniper berries, zesty ginger and warm habanero capsicum to create a full-bodied base spirit. This is then blended with botanical distillates and extracts from a further 15 carefully selected botanicals including orange, sage, cardamom, cascarilla bark and lemongrass, each perfectly complementing each other to provide a complex and layered spectrum of flavour.

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