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Valdespino Contrabandista Medium Dry Amontillado

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Grape Variety
95% Palomino, 5% Pedro Ximenez
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This medium dry Amontillado has a light mahogany colour with a bright amber border. The nose shows intense aromas of roasted hazelnuts, raisins and dates, coupled with notes of butterscotch and toffee. This wine is medium bodied with a perfectly balanced sweetness and a long, smooth finish.

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Valdespino Contrabandista Medium Dry Amontillado 


Valdespino is one of the oldest bodegas in Jerez, with a history of Sherry production going back six centuries. Back in 1264, Alfonso Valdespino was one of 24 knights who fought against the invaders for the city of Jerez with King Alfonso X. As a reward for his efforts, he was given the land that formed the basis of the bodega. Today Valdespino belongs to the Estévez family, who purchased the bodega in 1999. They own 750 hectares of vineyards in Jerez, including the renowned 'Macharnudo' Pago. This vineyard ownership allows Valdespino very close control over grape quality. They are one of the few bodegas to make single-vineyard Sherries and are also renowned for their VOS (Very Old Sherry) with over 20 years of ageing and VORS (Very Old Rare Sherry) with over 30 years of ageing.


The Palomino is fermented to dryness in 600-litre American oak barrels and then fortified to 15%. The barrels are only partially filled and this allows a thick veil of 'flor' (yeast) to develop on the wine's surface, protecting it from oxygen. The young wine, known as the ‘sobretabla’, is then fed into the ‘Inocente’ solera system where it ages biologically under the ‘flor’ and is fractionally blended through the different criadera levels. It is then further fortified to 18%, the flor layer breaks down and it ages oxidatively in the solera system of the Amontillado ‘Tio Diego’. Finally, a proportion of lusciously sweet Pedro Ximénez sherry is blended into the rich Amontillado, producing a medium dry sherry with an average age of over 14 years.

Valdespino Contrabandista Medium Dry Amontillado - Hay Wines