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Chianti, the iconic wine region in Tuscany, Italy, is synonymous with the quintessential Italian red wine crafted primarily from Sangiovese grapes. Renowned for its vibrant acidity, lively fruit flavors, and characteristic earthy undertones, Chianti offers a true taste of the Tuscan terroir. With its diverse subregions and classifications, from the traditional Chianti Classico to the more modern Super-Tuscans, Chianti showcases the versatility and innovation of Italian winemaking. Hay Wines has curated a selection of Chianti wines, importing and offering UK enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the rich heritage and exceptional quality of these esteemed Tuscan classics, perfect for any occasion.

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  • Bonacchi Chianti Gentilesco 2022
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    Selvapiana Chianti Rufina 2022

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  • When We Dance Chianti

    When We Dance Chianti 2022

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  • Castello di Querceto Vin Santo del Chianti Classico 50cl 2017