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Kratosija, a red grape variety with deep roots in the Balkan Peninsula, particularly in North Macedonia and Serbia, is gaining recognition for its contribution to rich, flavourful wines that reflect the region's diverse terroir. This varietal, known for its adaptability to the warm Mediterranean climate, produces wines that are characteristically vibrant and medium-bodied, with a pleasing balance of fruitiness and acidity. The wines from Kratosija typically showcase a spectrum of red and black fruit flavours, complemented by subtle hints of spices and herbs, making them versatile partners to a wide range of cuisines. Hay Wines has embraced Kratosija, importing and offering these distinctive wines to the UK market, providing wine enthusiasts with the chance to explore the nuanced expressions of this ancient grape variety. Their selection highlights the unique qualities of Kratosija, presenting an opportunity for discovery and enjoyment of the Balkans' rich winemaking heritage.

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    Tikves Barovo Red 2019

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