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Mencía is a red grape variety predominantly found in the northwestern regions of Spain, particularly in Bierzo, Ribeira Sacra, and Valdeorras. This varietal is celebrated for producing aromatic, medium-bodied wines that offer a delicate balance between fruitiness and floral notes, with a distinct mineral edge thanks to the region's unique terroir. Mencía wines are known for their vibrant red fruit flavors, such as cherry and raspberry, complemented by herbal and earthy undertones, and a refreshing acidity that makes them exceptionally food-friendly. In recent years, Mencía has gained international acclaim for its quality and uniqueness, appealing to wine enthusiasts seeking something different from the more common varietals. Hay Wines has embraced this rising star, importing and selling Mencía wines that perfectly encapsulate the grape's distinctive characteristics, offering UK customers an insight into the depth and diversity of Spain's lesser-known wine regions.

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    Xose Lois Sebio Superheroe 2017

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