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Australian whisky has rapidly ascended in the global spirits market, marked by its innovative approaches and distinctive flavours that challenge traditional whisky norms. The country's diverse climate, ranging from the cool, maritime conditions of Tasmania to the warmer, continental climates of the mainland, allows for a wide variety of whisky styles. Australian distilleries often experiment with different grain types, yeast strains, and maturation techniques, including the use of unique Australian wine casks for aging, which imparts a signature complexity and depth to the whisky. Hay Wines has embraced the burgeoning world of Australian whisky, importing and selling a selection that showcases the exceptional quality and innovative spirit of Down Under distilleries. Their range provides UK enthusiasts with an opportunity to explore the rich, nuanced profiles of Australian whiskies, reflecting the country's unique terroir and the creativity of its whisky makers.

  • Starward Left-Field Australian Single Malt Whisky